How To Ice Cream Sandwich Cake Recipe!

I bet you didn’t realize you could make a cake that you didn’t even have to bake!!!  Try the Ice Cream Sandwich Cake recipe.  This will be one of the easiest cakes you ever make!   Or should I say “put together!” ;-)  Even your kids could do it!  Actually, they will insist they do it for you!  But, it you are looking for a cake that is healthy and just as easy, you may want to try our No Bake Watermelon Cake.  It’s healthy and Paleo approved too!.  Perfect for those of use trying to watch our waistline.
Ice Cream Sandwich Cake Recipe Ingredients

- 1 box of twelve Ice Cream Sandwiches (or two boxes for a large cake)
- 1 tub of Whipping Cream
- Magic Shell Caramel
- Magic Shell Chocolate
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