How To Reese’s Bottom Cheesecake


1 Box of JELLO instant NO-Bake Cheesecake Mix (Feel free to make your own no-bake Cheesecake)
Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups (one per each Cheesecake)
1 Cup of Mini Chocolate Chips..for sprinkling on top.
Approx. 1 Cup of Graham Cracker Crumbs (either store bought, or you can crush your own..or use the enclosed bag of crumbs from the boxed No-Bake Cheesecake Mix)…for sprinkling on top.

Paper Cupcake Liners
A Cupcake pan
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  1. Made these tonight for a work party tomorrow. The Reese's I have are individual snack size 8 in a pack but they didn't cover the bottom of the cupcake liner. I'm a little concerned about that. I read where others had problems getting the Jello Cheesecake to set up. I reduced the milk to 1 1/4 and it set up fine and was skim milk. Instead of chocolate chips, I used chopped up Reese's cups and sprinkled that on top of the graham cracker crumbs. Wish I could post a photo. We'll see how they taste tomorrow. I made 2 batches.

  2. Use the tiny liners (half the size of cupcake liners) that are used for truffles.....