How To Vegan Quesadillas

The original idea for the quesadillas came from one of the vegan cookbooks I own. And it was pretty good, but I decided to make it even better by loading it with more fresh ingredients. And make it more suitable for a dinner entrĂ©e. I think I ate this for a week, every night – that’s how yummy, quick and easy it is.

Ingredients for Quesadillas:

Flour tortillas (I use Trader Joes Chile and Onion flour tortillas)
1 can of rinsed organic black beans (or other beans of your choice)
1 package of chipotle hummus (from Trader Joes, if you don’t have it, just add a ½ tsp of taco seasoning to a small container of roasted red pepper hummus)
1 tomato, diced (or fresh tomato salsa)
Onion/scallion/cilantro mix
Taco seasoning
Avocado (or guacamole)
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  1. This is a total rip off of someone else's recipe! You need to give credit to people when you use their work.

  2. If you are using my images and copy, it would be appreciated if you added someting in the first paragraph to indicate that the recipe and photo came from someone else's website. I see the link on the bottom of the post linking to my blog, but that's not enough. In the future you should ask first before you post someone elses' work. Thanks. Meg Szymanska